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Tanisha Jones was born in Fort Worth TX to parents Phillip and Karen McDonald.Tanisha is the oldest of two children. Her youngest sister Philisha Adair is one of the many inspirations to her success.Tanisha currently lives in the DFW area and is married to Willie Jones and has 5 children.

Tanisha has a heart that is filled with compassion for this generation. Her desire is to reach hearts of listeners and viewers around the world. Tanisha believe’s strongly in the message of love aka as the teachings of Jesus Christ because it can conquer anything and everything so that’s how she lives her life. To her; this is a lifestyle that directly impacts the people she come in contact with every single day. Tanisha is a woman who is actively chasing after the heart of God. Vision, purpose, prayer and the pursuit of excellence describes Tanisha Jones. Tanisha’s mission is to be a true representative of Christ on the radio,television, local community and abroad; providing spiritual increase and empowerment to everyone; To influence the culture and mindsets of men and women everywhere that they may overcome the struggles of everyday hardships, and be able to walk as Kingdom Citizens, living sanctified and prosperous lives. Through knowledge, understanding, proclamation and application of God’s Word, the captive are set free and reconciled to God by inspirational messages from Tanisha Jones.

Tanisha is a remarkable interviewer.  Not only is she a great Radio Talk Show Host she is a Television Talk Show Host, she has a great understanding of her purpose. For a great sound and great message, you have a winner with the anointed Tanisha Jones. Inspirational Moments is a Radio show that is a tool to inspire,uplift,motivate, and encourage the hearts of the listeners.Inspirational Moments XTREME is a Radio Show that is a platform for any genre of music to reach all listeners with the message of Christ. Inspirational Moments with Tanisha is a Television show that is designed to be inspirational and reach hearts of viewers with the message of Christ.

Tanisha has learned that it’s better to give than to receive. Her hearts desire is to give back to the church whenever and however she can. Tanisha is a woman of God with the voice of an angel. You will feel the passion…the conviction…the great faith in every interview and show.Tanisha is available to come and speak, host, or interview at your church or event. I invite you to sit back, listen and be blessed by the exciting, challenging and anointed Radio and Television ministry of Inspirational Moments with Tanisha .

Faith is the substance of things hoped for”. For Tanisha, “the time is now.”


You can find out more about more Tanisha Jones visit www.xr103.com/inspirational-moments or www.blogtalkradio.com/inspirational-moments-tanisha


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Contact information: inspirationaltanisha@gmail.com


Tanisha Jones, Radio and Talk Show Host


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