Peace Be Still

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There are times while lying in bed that the silence blankets my room in the stillness of the night; yet peace is far from me.  I lay there desperately wishing for sleep and serenity for I know it is the only way to erase the thoughts and desire for intimacy raging within the depths of my soul.

I wrestle, fight, and consistently ask; what can I do to get this longing to stop haunting me.  What will it take to make it go away?  The tears begin to flow uncontrollably as the scripture “And the Lord God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him.” (Genesis 2:18 KJV), plays over and over and over again in my head.  Yet, as I lay there in the midst of such anguish, I cry out in distress and wonder why God has not answered my most earnest prayer and desire.

I live day after day, week after week, and year after year, spending time with family and friends, working and serving in the church as I observe couples and families constantly interacting and enjoying the festivities and events of life.  Therefore, surely it should be expected that I too would desire earthly companionship, and love.  It doesn’t make sense.  Why would God not have a special someone for me?   Has anyone ever been there?  Maybe, you’re there right now?

Well my brothers and sisters in Christ, I firmly testify that in the midst of my low moments, God is always faithful!!  In the midst of the pain, struggle, tears and loneliness, His soft still voice whispers, “Peace, be still.” (Mark 4:39 KJV)  Saints of God, please know and understand that there has never been a time when God has not been powerful enough to speak to the storm that was raging within my spirit.  There has never been an instance when His Word has not been strong enough to calm the emotions that seemed too have overpowered me by force. And there has never been a situation too enormous that the blood He shed on Calvary could not heal.  Therefore, there is no emotional storm within you that is too powerful for Him to control.

How great is our God!!!!  It’s amazing to witness true love.  It’s an incredible feeling to experience how love truly comforts and protects.  You see it doesn’t matter how many times I need Him or how often I need Him, He’s always there.  He doesn’t get aggravated or irritated when I’m emotional or needy.  He doesn’t get impatient with me about the fact that He has told me and shown me many times that “….I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee” (Hebrews 13:5 KJV). 

In my moments of insecurity, I never feel as though I have to fight against His busy schedule nor do I feel as though I have to fight for His attention or understanding.  He calmly steps in and embraces me with the sole purpose to fulfill the need in which I lack at that particular moment.  There is no hesitation, no frustration, no aggravation, and no remorse.  He whispers in my spirit that He is always there because He loves me.

It is in these moments that I begin to reflect and meditate on His Word.  It is in these moments that I learn and understand that His Word teaches “no good thing will He withhold from them that walk uprightly.”(Psalm 84:11 KJV)   Therefore, it is in these moments that I clearly see that as a born again believer who chooses to live according to His Word, that I must trust and believe His Word.  Consequently, I take comfort in knowing that because He loves me, He has me safe in His arms.

It is in these moments, I realize what love is as well as what love is not.  You see love is not selfish, competitive or impatient.  Love is not inconsiderate, physically abusive, verbally abusive or arrogant.  Love is not about self fulfillment.  Love is an act of total and complete surrender for the sole purpose of fulfilling the need of another.

It is in these moments that I realize because of the love that my Heavenly Father has for me He will not release me into the arms of just any man, but when He chooses will carefully place me in the arms of the MAN who will know how to love me.

So children of God, when the “storms” begin to rage uncontrollably within your spirit, stop, pray and listen for a soft still voice saying, “Peace, be still,” and patiently rest in His love and wait for His timing!!

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  1. Ruby D. Harris

    Evangeline Rentz your article was very inspiring to read. I often wonder were there other people that shared the same night loneliness of not having a spouse. I wonder why I was chosen to be single most of my life. You have answered a lot of my questions. May God continue to BLESS You as you continue to Bless others. Ruby D. Harris Tallahassee FL

    Sep.15.2011 at 4:15 pm
  2. Linda Blackshear Smith

    Pumpkin, another great message goes forth to bless others. May God continue to bless and keep you in His care.

    Sep.17.2011 at 7:05 am
  3. Darlean Patterson

    Evangeline “Goddie” Rentz,

    Thanks for that beautiful testimony of how God works in the lives of HIS chosen people. Stay strong in the Lord and HE will continue to direct your path. Loved the article!

    Sep.18.2011 at 9:07 am
  4. Monique


    This message was such a wonderful read and a blessing to my spirit. Ever since we met in 2002, I believe God sent you to minister to me and to continue to encourage me and others as we journey through life and all of its battles. Although we know internally what is right and what is wrong, it is always still an inspiration to be reminded of the difference.

    Sep.18.2011 at 7:35 pm
  5. Lisa

    Boo, ” Safe in His arms” was playing on Heavenly 1410 as I was reading. Lord have Mercy. Beautiful, true and full of a wisdom that comes from waiting, trials & tribulations, delays and denials before God says, Aha!! Wonderful.

    Sep.20.2011 at 1:43 pm
  6. Frederick Dowdell Sr

    It is always a pleasure to read your inspiring articles and I must say that when I was single for a few years I did feel at times like this and every word that you wrote is true on how to get thru the tears, anguish and heartache. I pray that when others read this they take it for just as it has been written, true to God’s word. Keep up the spectacular job that you are doing. Love ya

    Sep.21.2011 at 7:52 pm
  7. Sheri Mitchell-Smith

    Hi Angie, this article was awesome. I am so glad you continue to boldly and loudly stand on God word. The best gift you ever gave me was coaching me, and guiding me toward God’s word. You have been my inspiration to get deeper into the word and I thank God for that. I can’t wait for your next article. Keep up the good work, continue to spread the Good News. Love you

    Sep.21.2011 at 10:01 pm
  8. Margaret

    Rentz, That was GREAT. We have talked about being a child of God and being single and how hard it can be. You’ve always been able to talk with me and show me God’s love and I thank you. If people want to hear the water down verson about being single and a christian your not the girl for them. You give it to us as God has given it to you. I’m so proud that you can share this with others. Much LOVE

    Sep.23.2011 at 9:55 am
  9. Maggie

    Angie, another great article. As I read it, I could not help but think about what Paul talked about in 1 Cor. ch 7. She who is unmarried cares about the things of God and pleasing God so that she maybe holy in both body and Spirit. Perhaps this is the reason God is able to use you to the upmost to bless others. Luke ch. 2 speaks of Anna who lived with a husband only 7 yrs but as a widow for 84 years. She stayed in the temple serving God and when she saw Jesus, she was able speak about him to all who looked for redemption. A woman whose attention is devoted God can be used mightily. Yes, “Peace Be Still” because the Lord is using you. Auntie Maggie

    Sep.25.2011 at 5:15 pm
  10. Carol Felton Mobley

    Angie (Evangelist)

    What a powerful word. In the midst of all that we have to deal with daily in the many aspects of our lives, personal, professional, etc. God brings a word to us through you to minister to us and remind us that here is always with us. You message reminds us to stop for a minute “peace be still” and seek God and his guidance. Thank you for sharing your gift with the world.

    Sep.28.2011 at 10:20 pm
  11. Charlene Waters

    Evangelist Angie,

    Another great article! I can surely identify with this one. Thanks for your transparency and for using God’s Word as foundation for your articles. Love them!!!! Keep writing!!

    Aug.14.2012 at 9:02 am
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