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“Reprogram”Ok so… yeah, here it is.“But Marcuuus, I thought you said you were done with your anti-porn/lust series for now!! ”This is true… I’m about to move on to music but when inspiration comes out of nowhere you need to thank God and respond quickly… And that’s exactly what I did. The main concept that I wanted people to grab is that porn slowly plagues a person. Ok… So I’m just gonna point stuff out. Is that cool? Ok. Turn your attention to the shell of a man sitting down… You know… the one who’s staring endlessly at the pornographic images on his laptop screen. Yeah, that guy… I don’t think he has the slightest clue about what going on around him. Do you? He is completely unaware of his own spiritual, physical and mental destruction because he’s so focused on that one insufficient and unsatisfying moment of pleasure. Lust is like that… It creeps in slowly and captivates your desires and perverts them into something else. You’re then led astray by those desires searching for some type of satisfaction or reward but end up only craving more as if you’ll finally have enough one-day. The strange figures with the goggles and masks represent the men (cowards) who make and send out the videos and images to the public. The pornography industry is a BILLION, (with a “B”), dollar industry… Do they care about your struggles or the rippling effects it has on the rest of society?? Of course not!! Their own lust (FOR MONEY) has made them slaves as well. (See the chains?) By this you can see the things that lust will make you do. These men are willing to destroy the lives of other people if it means they’re getting their dirty money. And by the looks of it, their work is sure impacting the man sitting down! The shady figures in the background are the souls that were corrupted by their indulgence in this sin. This sin is hard to shake. And the longer you wait, the harder it’ll be to get out. You begin to let your lust shape you and reprogram you into to something else. Something different. Something…. not pretty. *PHEW* Ok!! I know this was a very long description but I’m very passionate about this message. This is my way of warning EVERYONE (not just men) of the dangers of pornography. I hear so many people talking about it like it’s no big deal but it’s way bigger than people are tricked into believing… pornography is an infectious, soul decaying, life-destroying addiction. Me being someone who has had this problem, I feel the need to warn people of lust/porn’s destructive power. Lust for things seems to be one of our biggest problems in this age and there are people out there trying to fill the cosmic hole in their hearts with things of this world when that’s impossible!!! God is the realist joy and he satisfies completely and eternally like NO contender.

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  1. Willis Fedd

    Amazing art work. It illustrates a really deep message.

    Sep.01.2012 at 11:07 am
  2. Pamela

    I completely agree with the message. Our generations have become more and more deceived by the enemy in this area, and only God can break the chains.

    Mar.07.2013 at 7:10 pm
  3. djrrane

    at first i thought it was disturbing. but then when you look at it and read the title of the art it makes 100% sense.

    Jul.19.2013 at 8:38 am
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