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This is the last picture in my anti-porn/lust series for now… No doubt I’ll be making more drawings on this subject later but let’s just focus on the now, shall we?? A lot of women nowadays fee…l the need to sell their bodies to feel like they’re worth anything. I made this drawing to illustrate the true pain of being used for sexual pleasure. It may seem like bliss but there is a true problem on the inside that I need to highlight. There is nothing on this earth that was meant to handle the task of filling the infinite void that’s been placed in your heart. I drew this to depict the life of a woman who is a participant in pornography to illustrate that all the sex and money in the world won’t fill that void in your heart. Women play with sex so they can hopefully get love out of it. But I promise you that the void filling love doesn’t lie in sexual pleasure or anything else on this earth. Only God can fill that void. You’ll never know what you’re worth until you know God.

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  1. J. Chester

    I love this! This is awesome!

    Aug.26.2012 at 2:42 pm
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