Snakes in Paradise

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Snakes in Paradise

Love, sex and romance are constant desires that are planted deep in the heart of most humans.  It is an emotion, feeling and/or activity that very few people would bypass if given the opportunity.  It attacks you as an addictive need that either has you floating on an emotional high or drowning in dark despair.  What is it about love, sex and romance that will completely eliminate all rationale?  What is it that keeps us desperately wanting for more?

Well, as you think about that question, let’s take a moment to peek into the closet of one of our Sister’s in Christ:

Several years ago, a friend of mine told me about a young female Evangelist.  She was smart, pretty, and on fire for the Lord…..however; she suffered internally because she longed to find love.  It was a constant battle within her heart, mind and soul.

The weeks, months, and years passed as she longed, cried and prayed for that one special man.  The desire for a husband consumed her and the request for an earthly mate was her continuous prayer.  Finally one day…when it seemed like all hope was gone….there standing in her presence was a tall, dark, handsome and sho’nuff fine specimen of a man.  This man was physically everything she dreamed of, but most importantly, he was a man that professed Christianity.  As a matter of fact, he informed her that he was called and set aside as a preacher of the Gospel!!!  Wow!  She was ecstatic and overjoyed that God had finally answered her prayers.

The romance took off like lightening.  It was everything she imagined…….in the beginning!!!  Than one day, her dream man expressed his desire for sexual intimacy.  With a heavy and sincere heart, she explained to him that she was a virgin and that she had made a covenant with God to live celibate until she was married.  He told her he understood and relaxed on his pursuit of sexual intimacy for a little while.  However, the quest soon resumed, and he continued his plea to express his need for sexual intimacy.  Nevertheless, this sister stood firm….not until marriage she said.

Well, after a couple of months, he decided to “pop” the question.  Overjoyed, she began to plan the wedding of her dreams.  She just could not believe her prayers had been answered.  She could not believe she was finally about to become a bride.  Everything was just perfect!!

Yet, one night while discussing wedding plans, her dream man petitioned his finance’ once more for sexual intimacy.  Totally in love with this man, along with the deep desire to please him, she reluctantly responded that she just could not do that….She had given her life to Christ and wanted to always live a life that pleased God.  Her finance’ explained that he understood and that her strong Christian lifestyle is what attracted him to her.

All the same, he continues by expressing that they are now espoused (engaged) and pursuant to the word of God….engagements are just as binding as the marriage, and that it cannot be broken except through death.  Consequently, he states that she is technically already his wife and for that reason, they can have sex without any restrictions or God’s disapproval.  And guess what…IT WORKED!!!!  She was sexually intimate with her finance’ prior to the exchanging of the wedding vows, as she justified in her spirit that the marriage would soon take place and that they would live happily ever after.  However, the wedding day never came!!!

When I sit and think about this true account of events, I am saddened by the choices we often make in order to please ourselves or the people in our lives.  We spend so much time focusing on the pleasures of the moment that we fail to recognize or appreciate the fact that we were created for the sole purpose of glorifying God with our lives.  Yes, we were birthed with purpose!!!   Yet, our purpose is often lost or wasted participating in insignificant activities for an astounding amount of time.

In the book of Genesis (Chapter 3), God outlines the fall of man in clear and precise details, as to provide His people with historical knowledge for our guidance, safety and protection.  As I read and studied this particular set of scriptures I drifted into a moment of serene solitude.  I visualized this peaceful and secluded place of beauty.  And as you continue to read this article, I pray that you sit back, relax, and travel with me to a place called the Garden of Eden.

In the beginning, God created Heaven and Earth and all living things…..and He called it GOOD!!!!  When I think about the Garden of Eden…when everything was good….I think about a place of complete serenity and peace.  A place that is filled with an array of flowers, beautiful vegetation, and an ocean that is crisp and clear. When I think about the Garden of Eden, I think about a place where a husband and wife; Adam and Eve; Male and Female, lived in perfect harmony with God, and with each other.  It was a place that was full of love, and it was the place where they worshipped with God.  It was their sanctuary.  It was holy, it was sacred, and it was consecrated because it was a place where God dwelled.

You see in the Garden, in that place, there was an abundance of peace, joy and unity.  There was no violence, no fear, no sickness, and no death.  Ummmm just think about it….can you picture it?  There were no worries, no frustrations, and no disappointments.  It was a place where God Himself dwelled, walked and communicated with His creation.  Adam and Eve had in the palm of their hands……in their very presence………a home, a marriage, a sanctuary, and a relationship with God that was so precious, so special, and so joyful, that they did not need for anything.  Yet, they chose to allow someone or something to come in and take it all away in a matter of moments.

Think about it.  Out of the blue, here comes the serpent.  The scriptures states the serpent convinces Eve to eat of the forbidden fruit.  After she ate, she then gave some to her husband (Adam) and he ate also.

Now, my imaginary mind tells me that the serpent must have been very appealing to the eyes, and his voice was surely smooth as silk.  You know the sexy convincing type.  Although I am sure, the serpent must have been extremely appealing, what strikes me as odd is how quickly he was able to work.  There is nothing in the scriptures that indicates that Eve had previously established a relationship with the Serpent.  There is nothing in the scriptures that indicates the Serpent had previously done anything for Eve.  However, it appears that in a matter of minutes, she made a consequence decision to violate or disobey the “One” that had been there for her and her husband from the very beginning.  It appears that in a matter of minutes, she allowed the serpent to sow a seed of doubt in her heart and mind against the “One” who had already proven Himself faithful, against the “One” that had already proven His trustworthiness, and against the “One” that had already displayed and shared His love, power, and provisions with them.  Nevertheless, it only took a few minutes, a quick moment, and a few sweet words for them to betray Him.

God gave Adam and Eve a choice to either obey His word…or rebel against His word and be cut off from Him, and my Brothers and Sisters….we have the same choice.  If a snake showed up in the Garden of Eden and confronted Eve in her home, on her turf, in her relationship, and in her place of worship, you better believe a snake is going to confront you in your home, in your relationship, on your job, and at your place of worship.  Therefore, it is time for us to get prepared for his arrival.  My Brothers and Sisters, it is time we realize that life is too short, the children of God are too precious, your purpose is too important, and Jesus has been too good for us to succumb to a snake!!!!

Satan desires to destroy your relationship with Christ.  He attacked the peaceful relationship of Adam and Eve in order to bring tension into their relationship, destroy the peace and unity within their paradise, and to ultimately disconnect them from God.  And unfortunately, he is targeting you and your relationship as well.  It does not matter if you are single and dating or already married.  Satan does not want Godly relationships.  For that reason, he will tempt single couples into fornicating and/or cohabitating, and persuade married individuals to deny their spouses and/or engage in adulterous activities.  Do not be deceived, it is all a part of Satan’s plan.  The internet, social media, and smart phones has become the leading tools used to orchestrate unfaithful, deceptive, and sinful activities, all for the purpose of corrupting your peace and destroying your paradise.

God’s word instructs us to “Be ye holy; for I am holy.” (I Peter 1:16)  Therefore, holiness requires obedience to the Word of God.  It does not matter what we may desire or want.    God will not change His word to fit our lifestyle; we must change our lifestyle to fit His word.  So whenever a person opens their mouth….and their words, desires and expectations contradict the Lord’s word, you know it is not of God, it is the snake.  It does not matter that our flesh may be craving it; whether it’s sex, cussing, excessive food, drugs, gambling, or alcohol.  If you belong to Him, your doctrine, your life’s principles, your very being will be screaming and sounding the alarm because the Holy Spirit that lives inside of you is literally in battle with your flesh.  However, who wins the battle is based solely on your choices. And once you chose to submit to the voice of the snake…you choose to allow Satan to contaminate your paradise.

Satan is still roaming the earth attempting to corrupt your paradise, your place of peace, unity and joy. His mission is still and will always be to deceive the believers, and cause you to doubt God’s Word.  But God’s word is true.  Your earthly relationship is meant to be holy and sacred.  It is meant to be a parallel representation of Christ’s relationship with the Church.  Therefore any relationships that participate in fornication, adultery, pornography, contention, strife, physical abuse, verbal abuse, drug addiction, alcohol addiction, failure to communicate, distrust, and/or jealousy are not holy or sacred, nor do not glorify God.

Therefore, my Brothers and Sisters, you must be careful.  Anytime anyone is offering you anything that directly conflicts, contradicts, or just flat out violates God’s Word….it is an automatic confirmed fact that it is not of God….it is the snake!!!  He is looking for a crack, a weak moment, and a willing human vessel to reside in to roam the earth; and he is coming to contaminate your paradise.

He is setting the stage to strip you of your peace and unity, your place of solitude, your divinely designed place of joy and comfort.  He is coming for your integrity and your reputation.  He is slithering around your door step watching and waiting for the perfect opportunity to attack your character.  Make no mistake, he knows your struggles, and he knows your weakness.  He knows exactly when to knock and what to say when you open the door.  He knows what aroma to wear that will instantly catch your attention and send your flesh immediately in yearning mode.  But never forget, that he is still a snake.

Children of God….he is targeting you because of what you mean to the kingdom…but do not give him your paradise.  There is no fight…that Jesus cannot win; there is no situation…that Jesus cannot fix.  And there is no struggle within you and/or within your flesh that Jesus cannot settle.  When and if you truly ever accepted Christ, Jesus stepped in and imparted truth and integrity in you.  Therefore, anything or anyone that contradicts what He stands for is not Him, it is that old sneaky Snake.

Love, sex and romance can be an overwhelmingly and unbelievable feeling of ecstasy when done under the guidelines of Christ.  It is pure, wholesome, holy and sacred.  It is love; which makes it an invaluable possession.  Therefore, never forget that there are snakes, even in paradise, and he is crawling around, seeking to destroy your foundation of love.  But trust God, stand firm on His word, and always cherish, nurture and protect the love that He imparted within you and the love that He has allowed in your life.

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  1. Freddie L Dowdell

    Dear Angie, as always you are right on time with what ever you say, just need to get it out to the young and old alike onto some site that they can read material like this, I say the sooner the better, keep up the good work. Respect and Love Mr. Freddie

    Jun.08.2015 at 6:11 pm
    • Anonymous

      Thank you Mr. Freddie

      Jun.08.2015 at 8:40 pm
  2. Frederick Dowdell Sr

    As always, your readings are an inspiration. Keep up the good work.

    Jun.08.2015 at 8:27 pm
    • Angie Rentz

      Thanks Fred

      Jun.08.2015 at 8:41 pm
  3. Lisa Davis

    Stay true to your truth in The Lord. , Angie!!

    Jun.08.2015 at 8:48 pm
  4. Darlean Patterson

    As usual, GREAT WORK! God is working through you. Continue to be blessed!!!

    Jun.08.2015 at 9:23 pm
    • Angie Rentz

      Thanks Darlean

      Jun.08.2015 at 10:27 pm
  5. Persephone

    This was an awesome read Angie. Thank you so much for sharing.

    Jun.08.2015 at 10:24 pm
    • Angie Rentz

      Thanks Persephone

      Jun.08.2015 at 10:29 pm
  6. Linda Blackshear Smith

    My Sister, this is truly a Word in due season–So many are being deceived! I am inspired by what you have written in this article to continue the Mission to get God’s Word out. I am convinced that God’s Word empowers and equips and encourages.
    Keep up the Great Work my sister. You are a great warrior for the Kingdom of God. I am extremely proud of you for allowing God to use you so profoundly. The pen is indeed mightier than the sword. Keep on writing…and we pray that lives will be changed. Be blessed and forever stand firm on the Truth! I am sincerely overjoyed to be counted as a friend of yours.

    Jun.09.2015 at 8:16 am
  7. Rose Mckay-Regins

    Wonderful read Angie… Very insightful.

    Jun.09.2015 at 9:53 pm
  8. Sandra Taylor

    As always your message is on target. We have to stay in prayer and keep our minds on the Lord. Thank you.

    Jun.11.2015 at 10:49 am
  9. John

    What a great article and reminder that we must always be on guard from the firey darts of the devil. It’s so easy to let our guard down, especially when you’re in a time and place of peace and prosperity (Eden). Thanks so much for your service to the Lord and insights.

    Jun.11.2015 at 12:08 pm
  10. Hank


    Excellent insight. All of us have fallen short of the glory of God, that is just a fact. But we need to recognize our weaknesses and do what we can to strengthen them so we don’t fall to the temptations of this world. For me it’s a constant struggle…but I suspect I’m not alone.

    Thank you for sharing your insigh and perspective.

    Jun.14.2015 at 7:33 am
  11. Maggie Mount

    Excellent message Angie as always. Keep writing and delivering the truth.

    Jul.19.2015 at 12:28 pm
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